About us

The UsiXML consortium was carefully selected in order to achieve the project objective of extending, validating and standardizing a user interface definition language (UIDL) and methodological framework that should dramatically increase productivity, reuse and time to market of a wide range of applications critical for the European software industry. To extend the UIDL and methodological framework, scientific expertise is required in the following disciplines: software engineering (and in particular model-based engineering), usability engineering, context information provision and processing, multi-modality, content adaptation, development platforms (and in particular open-source ones) and mobile devices. Next, to validate the UIDL and methodological framework, partners whose day-to-day business is dependent upon high software productivity, reuse and timeliness to market are required to provide suitable piloting environments for the evaluation. Finally, to ensure dissemination and standardisation within the short time-span of the project, partner involvement in standardisation bodies and incubator groups is necessary prior to the project kick off. All these talents, experience and social/business networks hav been united under the UsiXML flag.


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