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ITEA 2 – Information Technology for European Advancement – is Europe’s premier co-operative R&D programme driving pre-competitive research on embedded and distributed software-intensive systems and services. As a EUREKA strategic Cluster, we support co-ordinated
national funding submissions and provide the link between those who provide finance, technology and software engineering. Our aim is to mobilise a total of 20,000 personyears over the full eight-year period of our programme from 2006 to 2013.

ITEA 2-labelled projects are industry-driven initiatives building vital middleware and preparing standards to lay the foundations for the next generation of products, systems, appliances and services. Our programme results in real product innovation that boosts European competitiveness in a wide range of industries. Specifically, we play a key role in crucial application domains where software dominates, such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare/medical systems and telecommunications.

ITEA 2 projects involve complementary R&D from at least two companies in two countries. We issue annual Calls for Projects, evaluate
projects and help bring research partners together. Our projects are open to partners from large industrial companies and small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) as well as public research institutes and universities.

ITEA 2 Office                                                                                                          
High Tech Campus 69 - 3
5656 AG Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel : +31 88 003 6136
Fax : +31 88 003 6130
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