UsiXML Demonstrators

The new version of the UsiXML 2.0 language and tools will be validates with the help of some demonstrators.

The following list is the demonstrators currently planned in the UsiXML project:


Classical demonstrators

  • Tourism web site
    • The application domain is e-business and other solutions typed as « e » in the sense: e-government, e-tourism, … which are developed based on a CMS (Content Management System). Defimedia develops web sites based on its own CMS: Atoms. For this demonstrator, we will integrate evolutions to an existing e-tourism website in order to introduce the different aspects defined by the µ7.
    • Description sheet (here)


Advanced demonstrators

  •  Tourism track creation Service
    • The application domain is E-tourism 2.0., web and mobiles solutions. The solution will be developed as SaaS, and will be based on the Google’s GWT toolkit and hosted in Cloud Computing mode. This service allows tourism track creation from a GPX trace; it is possible to add new P.O.I. (Point of Interest) with multimedia content in multiple languages. Tracks and POI can be shared by different users, as in the Web 2.0.
    • A web version will allow users to see the tracks on different devices, when a dedicated application will allow users to be guided in augmented reality mode and create your own track with your smartphone.
    •  Description sheet (here)


Blue sky demonstrators

to be filled...

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