ITEA 2 Events

ITEA 2 Symposium in 2013 after the end of the project.


Human Computer Interaction

  • ICMI (International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces)
  • CHI (Computer Human Interaction)
  • INTERACT (IFIP Conf. on Human-Computer Interaction)
  • ACM SIGCHI (Conference on Human Aspects in Computing Systems)
  • That's no a conference !
  • EICS (ACM Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computer Systems)
  • MDDAUI (Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces
  • IHM – French National conference
  • Interacción 2010 (in Valence, Spain, 7-10 September 2010)

Software Engineering

  • MoDELS (International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems)
  • CAiSE (International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering)
  • ICWE (International Conference on Web Engineering)
  • ICSE


  • UPA (Usability Professionals Association)
  • ErgoIA ?

Ambiant Intelligence

  • Ubicomp (Ubiquitous Computing)
  • Pervasive

Computationnal Linguistics

ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics annual meeting)



General interest

Defimedia et l’UCL présents à la conférence ICT 2010 Digitally Driven, à Bruxelles du 27 au 29 septembre 2010



 To be defined

Media relations

Relations with media and publication of press releases in the specialised press will aim at reaching a larger audience of technical experts from potential industrial users and technology suppliers. The content will be prepared centrally for UsiXML and then localised and relayed by the UsiXML partners to the relevant local technical journals.

UsiXML Workshop

Workshops will be organised to inform about the project objectives and its results. The workshops will target technical experts from industry and research. The first workshop will be organised at mid-term (around M24), the second towards the end of the project.

EICS Conference

Actors: Adrien, Jean and David

Submitted call (PDF)

Status: Cancelled.

IHM 2011 conference

Dead line: Jun 2010
Actors: Jean and Ahmed

Public Website

The public website will have two levels, one targeting the general public and the other technical experts. The content will be adapted to the two target audiences, to make it interesting and comprehensive to them. The part targeting technical experts will comprise a forum to facilitate exchanges of technical issues with experts around the world. The UsiXML public website will be set-up and maintained by defimedia based on the scientific content prepared by the partners. This will be integrated with the current version of the Web site.


UsiXML will also offer a series of training courses and tutorials at conferences, namely based on the material provided by Work Package 1.

Training & Teaching

This section will describe the training & teaching provided by academia partners to students.

Research groups

It seems to me that research groups should be mentionned:
GDR I3 at the national level (France) for instance
IFIP WG 2.7/13.4 at the international level.

Submission to persistent knowledge sources

The definition of UsiXML (meta-)models, along with their semantics, abstract and concrete syntaxes, their stylistics will be made available to the largest audience possible for comments, feedback, adoption, and further dissemination. For this purpose, all UsiXML fundamental concepts, models, and methods will be submitted to a series of persistent knowledge sources that will remain active even after the project.


Zoo of Meta-models, grammars and schemas – http://www.zooom.org is an international open source project led by Joseph Fourier University that aims at collecting, classifying and promoting meta-models, schemes, grammars and ontologies, and bridges between them. The idea behind this project is to cover the whole SE field including all domains related to software development and maintenance. By submitting UsiXML meta-models to ZOOOM, there will be always a repository of HCI and meta-models at the same level of definition of meta-models found in other areas of human activity (and not only in Computer Science or HCI).

Planet MDE

http://planetmde.org/ is a European initiative that coordinates all activities around the world around MDE. UsiXML will submit their results for announcements and availability to Planet MDE.

The XML Cover Pages

XML Markup Languages for UI definition (http://xml.coverpages.org/). This official XML web site contains persistent knowledge for XML-compliant languages existing to support various areas of human activity. The specific web pages of this initiative that are dedicated to UI will be fed with UsiXML results on UIDL and UsiXML.


Several web sites exist that provide the visitor with a common repository of ontologies of various domains of human activity. UsiXML will also contribute to these sites by providing them the UsiXML meta-models and the UsiXML glossary.

Dissemination to other projects

  • EasyInteraction
  • Wild
  • OpenInterfaces


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