This section presents every media (video, photos, ...) regarding UsiXML project.


  • New Mobile technologies more efficient with UsiXML.
    • April 2011 – TV broadcast – Belgium: Report on Defimedia (a Belgian partner in the UsiXML project) and e-tourism on a main Belgian channel. Defimedia presented some developments of mobile applications in the field of tourism. Smartphone guided tours, QR Code, information about POI (Points of Interest), augmented reality, and tourism evolve by incorporating new mobile technologies that will be even more efficient with the help of UsiXML.
      Watch the official video on "RTBF" Website (Report starting at 19min 18sec)
  • Paper advertizing the use of Versant in the UsiXML Maritime Surveillance case study, "UsiXML in Maritime Affairs"2011.




  • Vidéo de présentation du projet UsiXML -


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