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Advanced user interfaces development made easy with model-based approaches. The UsiXML project develops the open UsiXML language along with the tool suite that will simplify and improve the development of user interfaces for complex dynamic environments. This includes multi-device, multi-modal, multi-user, multi-culture/language, multi-organisation, multi-context, and multi-platform user interfaces. It will provide particular benefits for industry in terms of productivity, usability and accessibility. The overall goal is to promote UsiXML as a standard that will guarantee user interface usability and accessibility while improving developers' productivity.


UsiXML End User Club, a network of active players interested in UsiXML developments.

End-User Club membership is free and is open continuously! The End-User Club is the opportunity for actors outside of the UsiXML consortium to forge new relations with the UsiXML consortium including novel mutual benefits and collaborative participation in future RTD projects. Members of the End-User Club are entitled to participate in the UsiXML information and demonstration days, to open discussions, seminars and tutorials, as well as to special events such as workshops organized in conjunction with key international conferences.

UsiXML supports the organisation of events targeted at members of the End-User Club, including:

  • Short seminars on UsiXML and its applications.
  • Meetings to present problems to UsiXML experts.
  • Interaction with UsiXML consortium members.
  • Training courses.

Anyone can join !

Academic or industrial organisations interested in the UsiXML language and model based approaches for user interfaces.
Researchers who want to follow the status of the development of the UsiXML 2.0 language, methodology and tools.
Developers whishing to create interfaces by model based design.
System designers interested in extending system models with user interface models.
Software Project managers interested in increasing the productivity and the quality of the development of user interfaces


The End-User club is composed of three categories in which a member can register. These categories cater for the interests and the desired engagement of the member and are summarised below.

  • Observer
    • Express their interest for the project, its goals, scientific results, methods, tools or demonstrators.
  • Supporter
    • Express their interest for specific results of the project (from meta-models to validators) and wish to receive information.
  • Promoter
    • Express their interest for UsiXML goals and plan to create demonstrator using the UsiXML language and tools.

Supporters and Promoter will receive privileged information restricted within the project:

  • State of the Art of User Interface Description language.
  • Workflow and documentation.
  • User’s guide, reference manual, tutorial with examples files.
  • Development methodology.
  • Terminology.
  • Definition and development of a software for UI development path.
  • Method underlying software architecture.
  • Model Transformation Based Development Process.
  • Core technology requirements.
  • Development environments.
  • Ontology of services.
  • Validators.
  • Evaluation.
  • UsiXML DVD Rom.


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