SaaS is increasingly popular for its ability to simplify the deployment, customization, and evolution of software applications. It has been reported that SaaS can reduce customer acquisition and support costs while allowing developers and application providers to support many customers via a Web-based personalized user interface of an interactive system. SaaS and their design are considered to be one of the key areas to focus on for growth and innovation within local and global software businesses. SaaS and in general the underlying service sciences are crossing, and in some cases reshaping disciplines boundaries.

Approaches to service design share the HCI commitment to developing with and for people and to delivering useful, usable and accessible services to a very large audience.

However, there has been little explicit interaction between the emerging service sciences and the design communities including HCI and software engineering. This workshop look at to avenues for cross-pollinating services sciences and HCI. It will also investigate the user interface design and requirements issues in Software as a Service (SaaS). 

This workshop will be organised by Ahmed Seffah.

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