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Issue #4, Spring 2012 (download)

End User Club

The UsiXML vision


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UsiXML Demonstrators

The new version of the UsiXML 2.0 language and tools will be validates with the help of some demonstrators.

The following list is the demonstrators currently planned in the UsiXML project:


This section presents every media (video, photos, ...) regarding UsiXML project.


Defimedia et l’UCL présents à la conférence ICT 2010 Digitally Driven, à Bruxelles du 27 au 29 septembre 2010

Defimedia (en tant que partenaire industriel) et l’UCL (en tant que partenaire académique) sont impliqués dans le projet européen ITEA 2 – UsiXML. Le but du projet est de développer un langage innovant orienté modèles, qui améliorera le design des interfaces utilisateurs : UsiXML (User Interface eXtensible Markup Language). Les bénéfices sont d’améliorer la productivité, l’utilisabilité et l’accessibilité des interfaces utilisateurs en supportant un concept multi-devices (écrans PC, écrans tactiles sur bornes, smartphones, …), multi-utilisateurs, multi-contexte, multilingue, etc.


SaaS is increasingly popular for its ability to simplify the deployment, customization, and evolution of software applications. It has been reported that SaaS can reduce customer acquisition and support costs while allowing developers and application providers to support many customers via a Web-based personalized user interface of an interactive system. SaaS and their design are considered to be one of the key areas to focus on for growth and innovation within local and global software businesses. SaaS and in general the underlying service sciences are crossing, and in some cases reshaping disciplines boundaries.

UsiXML-EICS 2010

Workshop of ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems- Berlin, Germany - June 21-23, 2010

This workshop is aimed at investigating open issues in research and development for user interface engineering based on User Interface eXtensible Markup Language (UsiXML), a XML-compliant User Interface Description Language and at reviewing existing solutions that address these issues.

This workshop is organised by David Faure and Jean Vanderdonckt.

Proceedings of the workshop can be downloaded here: (PDF).

 Call for Paper accessible here

Gantt status

Current version of the Gantt (






Software Support for User Interface Description Language (UIDL'11), Interact 2011

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