Mandatory Symposiums

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  • ITEA 2 Symposium, 2009, Madrid
    ITEA & Artemis co-joint event in Auditorium Hotel, Madrid, 29-30th of Ocbtober, 2009  
  • ITEA 2 Symposium, 2010
    • The 26 and 27th of September in Gent (Belgium)
    • Definition of what to show in progress.
    • All UsiXML members are welcome to participate.
  • ITEA 2 Symposium, 2011
  • ITEA 2 Symposium, 2012


Scientific publications

Reminder: Do not forget to thank the ITEA2 UsiXML project in the Acknowledgments section.

Publication list of the UsiXML project

About the project

The UsiXML project develops an innovative model driven language to improve the UI design, for the benefit of both industrial end-users actors in term of productivity & reusability; usability & accessibility by supporting the “μ7” concept: multi-device, multi-user multi-culturality/linguality, multi-organisation, multicontext, multi-modality and multi-platform. The approach is ensured by a relevant consortium involving the main contributors of the UsiXML community, industrial partners and academic partners that are able to challenge it for realistic and complex industrial cases design and development.

Key Goals

The consortium proposal to face the challenge of lowering “total application costs and development time” is to enhance the interface modelling language called UsiXML (USer Interface eXtensible Mark-up Language) by adding versatile context driven capabilities that will bring it far beyond the state of the art, up to the achievement of its standardisation. The innovation relies on the µ7 concept defined as multi-device, multi-platform, multi-user, multi-linguality / culturality, multi-organisation, multi-context, multi-modality. The operational effectiveness of this approach will be demonstrated and validated on real industrial applications.

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