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PYA was founded in 1998 in order to establish a R&D structure, independent of the Major Companies, for the benefit of the Armed Forces. PYA focuses its development in the areas of Service Delivery in the field of scientific studies and operational simulation training and development of prototypes. Since 2005, PYA activities are going to design, development and commercialisation of products in the field of Robotics and Complex Systems engineering and Security (human / system interfaces, aided decision tools).
The project UsiXML as well as its technical interest for our society, will have a direct impact on the quality of our products not only in aerial robotics, but also in all application fields involving human-systems interfaces (simulators). At medium-term PY Automation will introduce the UsiXML technology on his ground-control station series for mini-UAVs. In the long-term, UsiXML results should be the basis of a new generation for remote-control/command human interface. In this consortium, PYA will participate to every task for its expertise as end-user in the UAV field.  PYA participates to the definition of the core technology needs for ground control stations (software and components definition and development for interfacing PYA technologies and UsiXML).  PYA leads the French validators with respect to specification, development, integration and simulation.  PYA will participate to the management of the project as work package leader

Rationale for participation :

PY Automation is particularly motivated by the prospects of recovery offered by the direct fallout of the project UsiXML through its activities in robotics in general and particularly in the field of UAVs. The UsiXML concept provides capacity to develop standardized interfaces with its ground control stations from an external UsiXML description of tasks and processes to be implemented by actors interacting during a mission

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Local fundinds : General Directorate for Enterprise – French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry

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