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With operations in 50 countries and 68,000 employees, Thales is a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defence, security and transportation markets. Building on proven capabilities in large-scale software systems, Thales is stepping up to the security challenges of its customers in an increasingly interconnected, technology-driven world. Civil and military systems benefit from many of the same technologies and innovations. Developing these dual technologies has been a long tradition for Thales, with its global network of 25,000 high-level researchers and engineers. Leveraging a global presence and spanning the entire value chain, from prime contracting to equipment, Thales plays a pivotal role in making the world a safer place.

Rationale for participation :

With a strong business case in software & critical information systems (SCIS) Thales is particular interested in validating a user interface definition language able to cope with collaborations between users (in the case of complex systems) or between organisations (in the case of system of systems). Thales, represented by its research centre will provide experience in model-based multi-modal HMI engineering (ITEA EMODE project).

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Local fundings : General Directorate for Enterprise – French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry

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